Photo New Orleans : a trip about music and night life

New Orleans : a trip about music and night life

New Orleans : a trip about music and night life

New Orleans: a city built under the sea and one of the main ports of the United States. This quarter-rich city, decorated with statues of famous people and cute gardens, is famous for its music.

Music is an art and a culture in this big city where musicians can be found everywhere day and night. Moreover, during the night, another world awaits you, a world still rocked by music but also by a warm atmosphere and a unique setting.

Music in New Orleans

In most countries, there is a special day dedicated to the music festival. In this city, music is part of everyday life. Even the great restaurants have orchestras to enliven every moment and demonstrate the value of the music. The types of music are very specific in this country and we can find:

  •  Jazz: it is the most important music there; it plays a big role in the world of tourism in New Orleans. Since the end of the 19th century, jazz has always kept its unique style. Going from the big hotels to the simple bars, it has become part of people's everyday life. Various expressions of it have appeared for years. However, this kind of country-like music is one of the core values of New Orleans.
  •  The blues: with a mixed style, the blues has inherited from various influences of musical cultures such as those of Europe, Africa. It is beginning to fade away due to the change in people's musical taste and the modern trend about music other genres such as ragtime or Cajun are on this list; nevertheless, jazz remains the best known and most appreciated.

New Orleans nightlife

To discover all that happens during the night in this city, it is necessary to go downhill and enjoy every second. This city of music offers a friendly and attractive visit to all.

First, you have to taste good dishes especially at New Orleans Secret Tours and the Jazz Play House. The dish is so good and so is the place. By the way, in terms of nightclubs, we can find all the kinds of music that make are Key West and VIP Discotheque vibrate. The price is good and you do not need to worry about security.

However, you can simply take a stroll and share quality moments with your family, friends or colleagues. One other thing to do there while lingering out with your loved ones: nibble the homemade cocktails and snacks.

Get in touch with original good music

Jazz lovers will understand the sensations a live jazz concert provides. Indescribable sensations: tranquility, travel, joy, adrenaline sometimes ... a mixture of feelings that de-stress and shudder the whole body.

Jazz highlights the real values of music with the sound of each instrument and the composition, which is sometimes irregular but brings a particular touch.

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