Photo The French Quarter : what to do

The French Quarter : what to do

The French Quarter : what to do

French Quarter is a popular city in New Orleans, Louisiana in the Southeastern part of the USA. In fact, French quarter is the most popular city in New Orleans for its cultural diversity, entertainment and festive atmosphere.

Apart from that, French Quarter is also renowned for its exquisite cuisine and vibrant nightlife. New Orleans is popular for its parades, particularly the Mardi Gras and others. Every month, many tourists come to New Orleans to attend the lavish parades in the streets.

A few things to do in French Quarter

  • Taste local specialties: French Quarter is popular for its Creole and Cajun food. The city is endowed with many restaurants to taste the local specialties. 
  • Discover the landmarks: French Quarter is home to some iconic religious landmarks, especially Saint Louis Cathedral, which is the oldest Catholic church, and The Presbyterian church. 
  • Visit historical sites: French Quarter was once home to Pirates. They would walk down the Pirates Alley to get to the small bar down the Alley, which is called Privateers or Buccaneers. Most of them attacked foreign boats at the time of the war. 
  • Watch play performances: Plays take place at Le Petit Theatre. If you enjoy watching plays, you can do so by going to the haunted theatre at Le Petit Theatre. The theatre is packed with tourists; therefore, you need to book a reservation before going, especially if you are thinking about having Creole food for dinner. 
  • Listen to jazz music: New Orleans is the birthplace of Jazz music. Tourists can discover everything about jazz, from its origin, to its development and current characteristics. Traditional jazz music and performances are played for free in the Bourbon Street, and in other public places. To enjoy jazz, you can also New Orleans Jazz National Park, on St Peters Street. 
  • Visit museums: New Orleans is home to several museums. To discover the historical background and cultural practices in New Orleans, it is advisable to visit the New Orleans Historic Voodoo Museum, at Dumaine Street. You can also learn a lot about Voodoo practices in New Orleans from the local Voodoo priest by visiting the Voodoo museum Voodoo Authentica, which is located in the same neighborhood. 
  • Go along the famous Bourbon Street: Bourbon Street is an iconic landmark in French Quarter. In fact, from 1700s to 1880s, influential Creole families had lived on Bourbon Street. The Street encompasses places where men and women spend their nightlife, such as the Gentlemen's Clubs and bars and Jean Lafitte's Blacksmiths Shop. Bourbon Street is also famous as live jazz music venues. 
  • Visit the French Market: Go to the French Market to shop for the best goods and to eat Cajun and Creole food. 
  • Watch parades: It is the most fascinating activity in New Orleans. The Mardi Gras is the most popular one. Mardi Gras parades take place in March. Other parades take place every month in New Orleans, which makes the nightlife so vibrant and fascinating.

Come to the French Quarter

French Quarter is a vibrant town, and it has a fascinating nightlife. It is the place to enjoy the best food and to listen to jazz music. If you look for jazz music videos, it is also recommended that you go to French Quarter, New Orleans.

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